3 Tips on How To Become A Party Planner

Absolutely nothing is that can compare with the life of a party planner. Often times there are key components to being a great party planner, and even though, like all recipes, you can include your character and mark to it the fundamentals stay the same. Here I share the top 3 tips to becoming a party planner, since the life is good and I would like you too to be able to share in this incredible career.

Where many people pay to party, I get paid to party.

So it’s no real shock that if I had a penny for every time I was asked, “How do I become a premier party planner in Karachi?” I might be a very wealthy man. However, I haven’t truly answered. My reasons were straightforward, I didn’t want to create competitors for myself. Recently though I recognise that sharing my top tips and helping others is more essential than the number of individuals are in the same game as me. So, today marks the start of a new chapter, I have chose to answer this query for once and for all and share the following, at this time with all the readers..

I am hoping these guidelines assist you to reach your goals of being one of the finest party organizer in Dubai  and show you how best to get started. From zero to #Eventprof Hero.. here we go.

explain to you I took work at a caterer and then a global agency and recently at a popular hospitality chain. In short, simply how much you know and can action with self-confidence will get you more clients #FACT. This can be a strict case of More is More. The greater you realize in every facet of events, the greater you can do, manage and charge for your services.

Tip 2: Time to #LevelUp

This is actually the step where you stop to be the horse and start being the rider. You may ask for a marketing, a step up, take bring success an event. You have to go from Jack (or Jill) of all trades to a master of one. Select a niche and concentrate on getting the maximum amount of experience in that niche as feasible. Later you are able to return to a boutique of offerings to your clients but for now it’s all about mastery. Master an arena, a service, a type of event, then master what clients you need to work together with, what vendors do they use, what locations, what publications do they read and what party planners do they currently work with? Time to become Dexter (the tv show of a serial killer, not the lab guy) and understand all sorts of things about your new niche. Do you know the most suitable products? Do you know the best services to offer? Who is your target audience, or avatar? Are you going to offer transparent pricing, free venue finding or full service event management?

Tip 3: Tell Everybody

Develop a Facebook page, website, Twitter account, Snapchat, LinkedIn account, Periscope etc to make certain everyone understands what you’re doing. Tell as many folks as you can that you’re now a party planner and ready to make their next party the best one ever. Ask any insurance salesman what he/she does in first 3 months and they will all say, “sell to family and friends!” so do as they do and create the reputation you wish to have.

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